Your Import and Export Gateway To East Nigeria


Below are our market advantages and why PTOL should be your terminal of choice for East Nigeria.

Multi-Purpose Terminal

At PTOL our strength is not limited to only containerized cargo. We are a multi-purpose terminal. We handle all types of cargo and we are not limited by equipments and facilities.

Berthing Space

We have 4 berths totalling 650m in lengths where we operate bulk, general cargo and containerized vessels. We have acquired another satellite berth with a length of 110m, thereby enabling PTOL to have a total of 760m quay length .


Lowest terminal charges in Rivers State. At PTOL we satisfy our customers and commensorate financial value on our services.

Customer Friendliness

We connect and communicate with our customers and clients in terms they understand. We make our clients satisfaction our top priority.

Proximity to City Center

PTOL lies in the heart of Rivers State industrial layout with numerous companies and warehouses. We are close to East Nigeria where business and commercial activities are supported.

Stacking Area

Over and above our main stacking yard, we have 3 satellite yards for the stacking of containers and general cargo. We also have sufficient space for bulk material handling

24 Hours Service

PTOL operates 24/7 and cargo delivery is possible even on Sundays.

Good Security/Safety Measures

In PTOL we put SAFETY FIRST. If it is not safe we do not do it. Good security and safety measures to sustain work flow are implemented through predominantly hard controls.

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