Our terminal have specialist teams and equipment to handle bulk cargo, break-bulk/general cargo as well as containerized cargo. To ensure your valuable cargo always remains safe, we only use highly trained and experienced operators, and suitable equipment. Our stacking yards are also secure guaranteeing the safety of cargoes.

Every year, PTOL handles and stores millions of tonnes of dry bulks from wheat, to aggregates and chemicals.

It doesn’t matter whether your bulk liquids are fuels, oils, fats, additives or acids. At PTOL, we have the land footprint, the knowledge and the infrastructure to accommodate your cargo needs . With our help, you can store and process your bulk liquids expertly, safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.


At PTOL, we pride ourselves in giving our customers the opportunity to warehouse their goods… then get them to market in the most flexible, efficient and cost-effective way possible.

If you want to simply store a few pallets or lease your own facility, our team of experts will be on hand to deliver your ideal solution. From food to furniture, our advanced port-centric warehousing facilities can accommodate most products and volumes.


PTOL has invested quite a lot on AutoGate system at the port. The fully automated AutoGate system uses state of the art identification technologies to manage gate operations, ensuring that all containers and trucks are automatically identified before entering or exiting the terminal..


Regardless of your cargo, unitised or non-unitised, they have the experience, expertise and machinery to safely, efficiently and speedily handle the loading and unloading of all vessels.

Whether we’re managing your containers, grains from a dry bulks vessel, or large items of project cargo. We operate modern equipment and the best-trained operators. Our approach is always the same. Plan a safe and efficient operation. Put the plan into action. Stay in touch with the vessel, the agent and the customers throughout the operation.


We facilitate Customs and related agencies to declare goods as well as pay the duty charges on behalf of the importer. We assist the importer/exporter in the entire clearing and forwarding activities.

We are one of the largest, busiest and most diverse ports in Rivers State. PTOL is operated under a single management team, putting us at the heart of the most impressive shipping network in East Nigeria. We are also home to a port that has a 650 meter long quay apron and a draft ranging from 6.5 to 9.5m.

At PTOL we are fully automated in our operations. From cargo discharge to billing, from billing to payment, from payment to release and eventually to Gate Out.

Our Terminal OS - LOGSTAR together with SAGE ERP gives all operational functionalities to ensure we meet up with the latest trend in technology.